Poverty eradication

When we all do better, we all do better.


Keeping Oklahoma’s families from falling into poverty is a moral and economic imperative. A quality education, access to healthcare, and smart criminal justice measures go a long way in preventing poverty. But we can do even more.
Restoring the rights of workers to earn a living wage, and protect their earnings against wage theft, is an important step in strengthening and supporting families in Oklahoma.


Our tax base relies heavily on the working class Oklahomans to fund core government services. In fact, the poorest Oklahomans are paying over twice as much of their paycheck in taxes as the wealthiest. This isn’t fair or sustainable.
If we can invest more in education, we will spend less on prisons. If we invest more in access to healthcare, we’ll spend less on disease and addiction. With a tax base that’s fair and equitable, more people will find prosperity.

A Community Artist
With the Homeless Alliance in OKC displays her paintings in Forrest's office at the Capitol.