Campaign Kickoff 2018

Serving the people of HD92 in the State House for the last year and a half has been the honor of my life. 2018 is here, and Oklahoma is, to put it delicately, at a crossroads.

Because Oklahomans have stood up, spoken out, and made it clear they've had enough, things are beginning to change. I've done my best to carry your voices, your stories, and your message to the halls of the Capitol. I want to continue that important work.

We're working to fund education. We're working to restore the safety net so the least among us can have some hope again. We're working to expand access to affordable healthcare to Oklahomans who need it the most. Slowly but steadily, we're making progress. And we can't stop now.

I hope you'll join me to kickoff my re-election campaign. This is an event for all of us to come together, talk about what's been done, and what's left to do, and encourage each other to keep up the fight.

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Meg McElhaney