Thanks, HD 92

Forrest, Justin, Audra & Meg at the primary watch party

Forrest, Justin, Audra & Meg at the primary watch party

I used to think it was funny when politicians said "we're doing well," or "we're going to win" when referring to their campaigns. But on June 28th, House District 92 selected me as their Democratic Nominee for the general election in November. But, "I" didn't do it.

 Countless people helped me day-to-day, like my rockstar volunteers Zach, Austin, Cole, Shane, Courtney & Audra. My good friend, and talented former co-worker, Justin Wallace, came from across the continent to be here to help knock doors and get me across the finish line. Meg McElhaney took a lot of work off my plate, offered constant support, and made sure my volunteers were fed, hydrated and ready to knock doors every time we had a volunteer day.  My parents, Cindy and Kevin Bennett have been supportive every step of the way, and worked for hours on end in the last few days before the primary to get out the vote. A few of you may have even gotten a hug from my mom! 

There's no way to properly thank everyone who had a hand in the primary win, but I want you all to know, WE WON, and I'll never take your hard work for granted. That said, WE have much more work to do ahead of the November election! And with all of you in my corner, there's no way I'll lose. Thank you.


Meg McElhaney