Issues that matter to Oklahoma City


Our children are our future. Oklahoma children must graduate ready to compete with graduates from others states like Texas, but also internationally, with graduates from countries like China and India. In order for our children to be successful in life, and to ensure that our economy thrives, we must make sure that every Oklahoma child has access to a quality education.

That means making sure that class sizes are small enough to allow teachers time to give each student the individualized attention he or she needs to learn. It also means raising teacher pay to a level that is competitive not only with other states in our region, but the entire country. Too many teachers are working two or three jobs just to live. We shouldn’t be okay with that. It’s time to prioritize our children and our teachers.


A great city is defined by great neighborhoods. We must continue to invest in public infrastructure like sidewalks, parks, roads, and bridges. A great neighborhood also means a safe neighborhood. From police and fire services, to protecting our property values, we should make our Oklahoma City neighborhoods a priority.

This also means rethinking our criminal justice system. Keeping families together keeps communities strong, and too many low-level offenders are locked away for years instead of being rehabilitated, leaving families broken. Our prisons are overcrowded and underfunded. It’s time, as they say, to “lock up the folks we’re scared of, not the ones we’re mad at.”


Oklahoma City is driving our state’s growth, and it is important that as we move forward, we are creating jobs for all Oklahomans. Today, a harsh reality faces too many of our friends and neighbors who are out of work and facing insurmountable challenges. We should meet Oklahomans’ will to work with good jobs and a diverse economy that welcomes and benefits all of us.

This means diversifying our economy so that we are not reliant on one industry for our security. It means encouraging and small business and entrepreneurship while protecting the rights of workers in all sectors of the workforce.


From protecting social security benefits for our senior citizens to reducing the impact of healthcare costs like prescription drugs, to ensuring that the men and women of our Armed Forces are treated with the dignity and honor they deserve, we can honor our heroes with public policy that shows respect for those who helped build and protect the great state of Oklahoma that we all enjoy today.